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“A Book That Was Originally Written in a Different Language” 2015 Challenge; THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Originally published in France in 1943, and translated into 250 different languages. 
Let me start off by saying that when I ordered this book, I thought it was a children’s book.  Just from looking at the cover, anyone would think so.  Except, when I finally had it in my hands, I found that that was far from the case.  It’s close to a hundred pages long, most with a full page of text, and wording that small kids wouldn’t understand.  If my teenage son were to read it, (not too likely since he’s at that “I hate reading” stage), he might grasp the concept of the book, but there would be no chance for my younger ones.   

                           by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry



“Six Years Ago,” writes Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, “I made a forced landing in the Sahara, alone, a thousand miles from help, and faced with the necessity of repairing my motor by myself within the number of days my supply of drinking water would last.  The first morning I was awakened by a gentle but determined voice which said, ‘If you please, draw me a sheep.’”  Thus it was that he met the Little Prince, whose strange history he learned, bit by bit, in the days that followed. 
The Little Prince lived alone on a tiny planet no larger than a house.  He possessed three volcanoes, two active and one extinct, although one never knows about volcanoes.  He also owned a flower, unlike any flower in all the galaxy, of great beauty and of inordinate pride.  It was this pride that ruined the serenity of the Little Prince’s world and started him on travels that brought him at last to the Earth where he learned finally, from a fox, the secret of what is really important in life.
To preserve his memory of the Little Prince, Saint-Exupery has made some forty watercolors, whimsical, gravely meticulous in detail.  Each is an almost essential part of the story.
There are a few stories which in some way, in some degree, change the world forever for their readers.  This is one.

4 out of 5 *Stars*

I have to say, this book took me by surprise.  It’s iconic… a classic.  I had heard so many good things about it, but once I started reading it, I didn’t understand all the hype.  It was slow and confusing, and I didn’t get it.  Then, all of the sudden something clicked.  It started to pull me in, and finally after finishing it, I’m in awe.
I heard at one point that this is a book that needs to be read more than once in a lifetime.  Where you are in your life at the time signifies how the story will be perceived.  I couldn’t agree more.  It took me a week to read this book when it should have only taken me a day.  I would read, then stop because my kids needed me, I had to get something done, or I had to go to the store. Whatever it was, I was too busy to give the book any time.  I took me deciding to dye my hair and having 40 minutes of down time to sit and give it the time it deserved.  Let me tell you, I got a real eye opener once I did.  It was successful in teaching the “grown-up” Rebekah an important lesson.      
Toward the beginning of the book, Saint-Exupéry talks about how he doesn’t like grown-ups because they never could see outside the box.  As I was reading, I was giddy, thinking that I have a creative mind and I can think outside the box, so he would like me.  I would be the exception!  Then, it started discussing how misguided a grown-ups sense of importance can be, and I knew that I was sunk. 

Throughout the book, there’s one saying that pops up quite a few times, “Matters of consequence.” The little prince traveled to different planets before landing on Earth, and at each planet was a grown-up that he got to speak with.  All of them would talk about matters of consequence, whether it be ruling over the stars, owning the stars, fixing something… all the stuff that grown-ups perceived as important.  None of them had time to be a friend because they were all too busy.  Kind of like I couldn’t give the book time because I was too busy with my “matters of consequence”.
I liked how the book was written as if an autobiography.  It makes the reader go back with him into his own memory when he himself met the little prince.  I’ve read too many books to count that were in first person, but nothing that made me forget that it was just a story.  This one did.  It was as if the little prince was real and was someone that I would most want to find.  It’s almost depressing that he’s fictional.  Or is he…..
Overall, this was a wonderful book that I recommend to everyone.  Yes, it’s slow moving, but there are so many hidden messages for people in the text that it makes one curious to see what another person will get out of it.  This was the lesson I learned… Yes, groceries, soccer practices, PTA, and house cleaning are important, but one cannot forget to stop and recognize the other things that are just as important, but not as noticeable like having conversations with your family, laughing, helping another person, doing something that makes you smile… or sitting down and taking time to read a good book.  Till next time…

20 books down, 32 to go!

Happy Reading, Everyone!!     

Monday, May 25, 2015




                                                                    (the movie)

Holy cow!  I have been so busy lately!  It’s been crazy, but I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the long and tedious tunnel.  For the last two weeks my husband had been out of town, and it was just my kids and me.  No breaks, no “go ask Daddy”, no nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but they can be enough to make a grown man succumb to weeping in a corner at times.     

To my much needed relief, my parents took the kids one day last week, and what did I do???  I went to go see a movie.  Yep, for the first time ever, I went to the movie theater by myself and found that I absolutely LOVED it!  It’s great going to a theater and watching the wonder in a child’s eyes or joking with the husband, but who would have thought that being alone would have been just as great.  It was so relaxing, and just what I needed. 

In this case, I got to go see the movie INSURGENT, and got to focus solely on the movie.

Its great watching movies that were first books.  Actually, the more I think about it, it’s kind of a love/hate feeling.  I love watching what I pictured in my head come alive in front of me, but I hate it when things get altered too much that you have no idea what you’re watching **Cough Cough** The Mortal Instruments **Cough Cough**.

Insurgent was a little bit of both.  Let me start off by saying, I loved the book.  It got a 5 star review from me, and I was completely ecstatic to see the movie. 
My review...

I left the movie and said, “What the hell just happened?”

It wasn’t a bad movie.  It was actually really good at parts, but this review isn’t about the movie itself.  It’s a review that compares it to the book. 

I get it when directors leave parts out because it would make a movie too long, but it really bugs the crap out of me when they change it all together.  If you’re going to make a movie from a book, don’t say, “Well, I know this is what actually happened, but wouldn’t it be cool if it were like this instead.”        

*SPOILER*SPOILER* I tried to write this review spoiler free, but there's just no way.  Don't keep reading if you haven't watched the movie OR read the book! *SPOILER*SPOILER*

Here we go….
  • Where is Tris’ other tattoo?  If you’re going to put specific tattoos on her, make sure you get them all.  (Its only a small thing, but bugged the hell out of me.)
  • After they escaped Dauntless at the end of Book 1, Tris was too nervous to hold a gun, let alone shoot it.  That was a huge thing with her emotional state even into the third book.  However, the movie must not have thought that that was very compelling scenario, so they did away with it all together.

  • What the hell is this box???? That was something totally off the wall and new.  Jeanine needed Tris to develop a sim to control the Divergent, NOT to open a damn box!!

  • Lastly… How it ended…  The book pulled you in, and made you want to read the last book.  The message stated that the outside world needed their help, and everyone was confused and at odds over it.  What was going to happen?  How was it going to end?  No one knew, and everyone was compelled to find out.   The movie ended giving off a fairly complete vibe.  It’s as if they’re not planning on making the third movie.  (Trust me when I say that the world would not be disappointed if they stopped now.) **My opinion and hatred of Book 3 seems to be showing.**  The message talked about how great being divergent was, all the factions were joyous and happy, Tris and Tobias weren’t at odds, and there was no strife between the factions and factionless.  Any other movie that they were to make later would be more of a “Where Are They Now” type of thing. 

There were too many significant things altered to the storyline for my taste. 

When it came to the actually movie.  I thought the casting was good.  They all did a good job, and I think they nailed their characters spot on.  Even though it went off on its own and away from the actually storyline, I thought that the movie was compelling.  If I hadn’t read the book, I might have actually liked it more.  One or two changes is fine but the numerous amount was too big of a distraction for me. 

If you’ve made it this far down the review, I’m guessing you’ve watched the movie and read the book.  If you haven’t… Well, you basically know what happens in both now, don’t you?  Never ignore a reviewer when they warn about spoilers!  Chances are pretty high that they’re going to “spoil” something for you. 

Anyways, comment below and let me know what you think.  Do you agree, or am I speaking totally off the wall from your opinion? 

Always and forever…

Happy Reading, Everyone!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


I know, I know, I haven’t put a review out there in a while.  Shame on me!
Truth be told, I am trying to get through a book.  I’m reading A Game of Thrones for my Reading Challenge, and I like the book, but its 833 pages of small print, and I have been a very busy woman lately.  Therefore, no book, no review.  That didn’t seem very fair to me, so I went and I reached down in the depth of my old book logs to get you a review. 
Without further ado...

Book 1 in the Goddess Series



On the night of her twenty-fifth birthday, alone in her apartment, Air Force Sergeant Christine Canady wished for one thing: a little magic in her life. After drinking way too much champagne, she performed, of all crazy things, a goddess-summoning ritual, hoping that it would somehow make her life a little less ordinary...but she never believed the spell would actually work.

When her military plane crashes into the ocean, CC's mission overseas takes an unexpected turn. She awakens to find herself in a legendary time and place where magic rules the land—occupying the body of the mythic mermaid Undine. But there is danger in the waters and the goddess Gaea turns this modern, military gal into a beautiful damsel so that she can seek shelter on land.

CC is soon rescued (literally) by a knight in shining armor. She should be falling in love with this dream-come-true, but instead she aches for the sea and Dylan, the sexy merman who has stolen her heart.


4 out of 5 *Stars*

I know, you see P.C. Cast, and your thoughts automatically go to her House of Night series.  There were so many of them after all.  Except, for this book you have to go back even farther.  It’s not a YA book like the HON, but at times there was a certain YA feel to it. 
I chose this book to give to you now because it was the first book I ever read that dipped so heavily into the fantasy world.  Plus, my shifter experience had only reached as far as wolves.  Try mermaids!
This book had me captivated from the very beginning.  I had never dreamed about worlds of mermen, let alone falling in love with one.  Well, okay.  There was The Little Mermaid, but that doesn’t count.  Take our beloved Disney movie and turn it into an explicit version with a catchy storyline.
The imagination was incredible.  There was a villain, a conflict that I had no idea how it would be solved, and intriguing characters.  Then there were the love scenes… Umm… Those were a little different.  I do have to say that this is still the only book that I’ve read that had shifted love scenes, “shifted” meaning one in human form and one in mermaid form, then vice versa. I had no clue how that would even work, but it did… somehow.  I remember that at the time I actually blushed.  Of course, heated romance scenes were still something new to me at the time.  Now that I’m a hardened reader of the lustful world, I wonder if it would still have the same effect.  It takes a lot to get me to blush anymore. 
Then after all the turmoil and romance and indecision, you just don’t see how there is any way for the conflict to be resolved successfully.  Well, hold on to your hats because I didn’t even see it coming.  Read it to know what I’m talking about. 
Ok, I have to be fair to you, so I’m going to be completely honest.  This was years ago that I read it and logged my opinion.  After looking on Goodreads, I can tell you that there is a fair amount of people that don’t agree with my assessment, even if 65% of people agree with me.  I remember the book, but I can guarantee you that there are a few spots that have become fuzzy.  If you knew me and my memory, you would understand.  Back then, I wrote down that it was a 5 star, but because my expectations of books has grown significantly, I’m only giving it a 4.  However, you can bet your ass I’m going to read it again.  When that time comes, I reserve the right to change it back to a 5 if I believe it was as good as I remember.     
As always and forever, if you agree or don’t agree, let me know.  I’m ALWAYS open to hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions.
Happy Reading, Everyone!
Till next time…